Rayane Jemaa is a Tunisian-British Digital Artist & Designer who graduated with honours from l’Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2021 with a Bachelor in Visual Communication, specializing in Media and Interaction Design.

Influenced by skateboarding, he quickly became passionate about film-making, specifically documentaries, at a young age. He later became interested in a wider range of digital tools, and felt that film-making alone was not fulfilling his curiosity towards newer technologies. His latest project, “Is This the Middle East? ”, interrogates stereotypes and clichés found through current video games set in the Middle East and North Africa. The project was featured on several online and printed magazines, such as “It’s Nice That” and “Etapes” and was awarded the Pierre Keller prize, “a prize awarded for a particularly committed diploma project” by Mr. Alexis Georgacopoulos, Director of ECAL. The project was exhibited at the Swiss Design Awards in Basel in 2022 as a finalist project. He was also awarded the EXECAL prize, “A prize awarded to a graduate student who has distinguished himself/herself by the quality of his/ her Bachelor’s thesis”.

He has worked with several clients both as a freelancer and as a collaborator. His design practice involves utilizing a variety of tools and programs to craft visual narratives and identities. He holds equal interest in both Design Research and Creative Direction within the cultural sector.



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2020CGIMusic VideoMotion GraphicsAnimation
SI ON DANSE (2020)
2022FilmCreative DirectionMotion Graphics
LIVE SESSIONS (2019-2022)
Since 2019, I've been collaborating with Wolfgang Loves You, a band based in Nyon compossed of 8 artists. Live sessions are a big part of their identity. These live sessions are usually filmed in unusual places, and last between 7-9 minutes. Their 3 last live sessions was directed by myself, and filmed in one take.
2019-2021archivingcollaborationPhotogrammetryVirtual Reality
Commissioned by Visarte Vaud, Etudes d’espace was a 2-year-long project allowing artists from various domains to express themselves mainly through their workspace. In collaboration with Paul Fritz and Justine Knuchel, 52 short videos were created using photogrammetry to recreate the artists’ studios. A VR headset was also used to allow each artist to “draw” in 3D space, thus putting each of the 52 artists on the same technical level.

The project led to an exhibition at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA) in Lausanne, followed by posters exposed in public spaces throughout western Switzerland, and a booklet featured in the magazine Le Temps on 24 June 2021.
2023Visual IdentityCGIWeb DesignDynamic Logo
Visual Identity
I Designed a visual identity for ElFestibaru, an experimental Japanese Film Festival based in Tunis, where the fusion of Katakana and Latin alphabets combine to form the festival's name, allowing it to be read in both writing systems. The generative logotype is also a reflection of the festival dynamic and experimental roots. Infiniate logo variations can be generated for social media, website, and print.
2023Visual IdentityCGIDynamic Logo
Visual Identity
2020-ongoingarchivingphotogrammetryweb designresearchCGI
Is This the Middle East? is a project investigating representation of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a selection of video games. I am interested in the patterns, repetitive artefacts, locations and texts in games that claim to be set in the MENA region. These objects become archetypes. Are these photo-realistic environments also realistic in the scenes they depict or do they become another backdrop for war-related games? Using photogrammetry to reconstruct these environments, I address the implications of seeing an abundance of often over-simplified images of the Middle East, especially in a world where video games are becoming not only a global phenomenon, but also a means to encounter other cultures. The project was awarded the Pierre Keller prize, “A prize awarded for a particularly committed diploma project” by Mr. Alexis Georgacopoulos, Director of ECAL

While the project took many forms, one way in which it was presented was in the form of a website and installation. The website allowed me to gather all the reconstructed models, and also served as a way for users to interact with them in a different context to the game itself. Users can navigate through scanned landscapes, or through a library of artefacts, to put into perspective the repetitive elements found through games set in the MENA region. It allows viewers to understand the limited visual and written language used in these games
2019-2021researchcgimotion graphics
2021Augmented RealityXRCGICollaboration
"At the invitation of the Palais Augmenté Festival, a selection of students from the Bachelor Media & Interaction Design and the Master Photography at ECAL have offered a series of augmented reality projects for the new Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris. By enhancing the perception of the place in real time thanks to the superimposition of visual concepts with eclectic references, the Grand Palais Éphémère is staged in a variety of imaginary futuristic, surrealist and above all playful worlds: futuristic. It becomes a photographic subject with multiple expressions and invites the public to engage via Instagram in an experience that questions the relationship between real and virtual images."

In collaboration with Pierry Jaquillard, we reconstructed elements from the building in homage to the Grand Palais's architecture. Dynamic, suspended pieces whirl around the viewer, offering a surrealistic perspective of the space."